looped pricing

sell tickets

Set a ticket price for your event upfront and pay the service fee later


service fee or
revenue share on
GA & VIP tickets

give away entry

Let fans join your event for free and pay the service fee as you go


per fan for a livestream


per min for a video chat

merch or donations

Promote your merch during the event or raise donations


comission on merch sales
or donations

All transactions have a 4% + .30c processing fee

Each purchase includes

Customer Service Availability

See your upcoming queue 

Payment Processing On Our Site

Put fans into a single waiting Room

Survey Fans in the Waiting Room

Display Media Assets in Waiting Room

Customize Survey Questions

Display Merch Links In Waiting room

Minimum Call Length 

Add a Brand Sponsor 

Insights Report following Session

Set length of Each Call

Fan Chat room in Waiting Room

Generate Ticket Codes

Send video Recording to Fan


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