November 1, 2021

Virtual Events Group

VEG Group with Jim Louderback, Faisel Durrani, and Special Guest!
Zadie Adams
October 14, 2021 Event | 5 min read

Looped was ecstatic to host The Virtual Events Group, an amalgamation of top-corporate-brand-folks who are looking for the latest and greatest of virtual events! We had our very own Faisel Durrani speak with the one and only Jim Louderback, CEO of VidCon. These leaders really broke down what the next five years of virtual events will look like, and brought members of Event Group from their branded co-viewing suites into the broadcast in real time! And we wouldn't be in an entertainment-focused company if we didnt have a big surprise guest up our sleeve...

First we get a peek inside the mind of Faisel who explains the team's intentions when creating Looped, how can we fabricate a platform that allows creators to be able to interact directly with fans? Not only that, but how can these creators facilitate interactivity instead of just live broadcasting?

Then BOOM, with these innovative ideas came Loopes unique co-viewing suites, that allows people to share the livestream experience with their friends or even make new friends from across the globe! We also love putting fans on-the-spot by bringing them up on stage with the creator to be an active part of the show!

And just like that it was time for our surprise guest, AJ McLean, much to the delight of the fans in the audience (...its me...I was fans in the audience)! AJ raves, “What is unique about Looped is that it is in the NOW, and it allows you to interact 1-on-1 with fans from anywhere in the world! And that seamless interaction with all the different features makes this the #1 platform because it's so user-friendly!” AJ even drops some gems for creators, “In a time where everyone craves instant gratification, a platform like Looped can take your connection with fans to the next level.”

Of course these panelists were not going to just talk about it, they were going to be about it! So they spiced things up and brought some fans up on stage to be a part of the show! The new power squad talked about how smooth their experience was, our new friend Lious shares, “I love that I was able to be a part of the conversation in such an effortless way and from the comfort of my home!”

And we even welcomed another pal on stage, Liesl Perez [VP of Marketing at Hubilo] who is clearly hip to what the virtual space offers, “I love your platform, I also work for a virtual entertainment company and I love that your focusing on the content creators because they are the future!”  

This was a super heartfelt conversation and we are so thankful to have the opportunity to lift people's spirits and make them feel less alone in these unprecedented times.

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