June 25, 2021

Too Many Spirits LIVE on Looped with the Legendary Watcher Crew

Ryan Bergara, Shane Madej, and Steven Lim hosted their second live show on Looped to get into the weekend spirit with fans
Abby Rodgers
May 6, 2021 event | 4 min read

Well, you heard it here first, folks! The Watcher Entertainment crew was back and better than ever on Looped for another live episode of Too Many Spirits, and it ~spooked us~ to the core. We had the best time drinking and laughing with the ghoul bois on May 6 during one of their funniest episodes yet, and some of us even scored the backstage pass of our dreams to meet the trio after the show. 

As per usual, Steven Lim started the night off right with an inventive cocktail involving lots of tequila (spoiler alert: Shane rated it a 6/10, but you can try it yourself with the recipe below). Boogarita was the winning drink name from the fan-wide poll (followed by Tequlia Mockingbird as a close second), and we celebrated the episode’s kick-off with a big ole’ group “sláinte” for good measure. *Chef’s kiss*

Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej shared hilarious ghost stories from fellow fans with us while using goofy voices and imitations, dramatic pauses, and some classic thigh-slapping after rating a story. One fan named Creya said, “Why does Ryan smack his legs like they owe him money?” in the chatroom, which literally *sent us*. We heard tales of mysterious phone calls, a haunted pub crawl, a tragic Applebee’s snafu (two words: carbonara everywhere), and Ryan’s undying love for Blue Man Group among other 👻 anecdotes. 

In the wise words of a fan named Brandon, “If Too Many Spirits had too many spirits, how many spirits would be too many spirits?” The squad tested their limits as 70% of superfans voted that they all take another shot (and they gave in like the crowd-pleasers they are!). Shane’s hat made us all feel some type of way, but TBH we can’t wait to see his ~luscious blonde hair~ during their next live show. 👀

Want to recreate Steven’s Boogarita for yourself? Here’s a loosely measured recipe to keep it as free-spirited and delicious as Steven’s:

  1. Grab a cup, cut up your lime, and give the cup a “Lim job” by salting salt the heck out of it with a fancy lil spice mixture including salt, sugar, chili powder, lime zest and grapefruit juice
  2. Get your shaker, drop in some ice, and add a *heavy* pour of tequila (Cazadores is optimal, but we won’t judge; to each his own!)
  3. Squirt in some cream of coconut (according to Steven, you can do “3 parts tequila, 2 parts cream of coconut, or just do you!”)
  4. Shake it up babyyyy (for best results, incorporate some funky dance moves, too)
  5. Add some ice ice baby to your cup, and pour it all in your cup
  6. Add a lime slice to the rim and a mini umbrella for elegance, and voila! Your very own Boogarita is ready for your enjoyment.

ICYMI, here's a taste of this hilarious night with the bois:

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