August 31, 2021

The Dollop - Educating Us on the Worst Festival in History

Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds discuss the 1972 Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival
Looped Staff
March 18, 2021 event | 5 min read

Heyyyy Dollop lovers! With a rare REVERSE Dollop episode coming to Looped on September 2, let’s get in the ~mood~ with a lil throwback to The Dollop’s live show from March 18! For their fourth time on the platform, comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds chatted with us about the Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival, dubbed as the *WORST* festival in American history.

Here’s the low down: what started as a Woodstock-ish event during Labor Day weekend of 1972 quickly turned into the Fyre Fest of the 20th century. According to the duo, the first sign that plans were headed down the toilet (pun, very much intended) was when the local health department rejected the proposed festival grounds due to a lack of restroom facilities. Yuck!

Festival runners Tom Duncan and Bob Alexander couldn’t host the event unless they found enough bathrooms to accommodate the estimated 60,000 person crowd, a number which Gareth deemed “a shitstimate” (and yes, I was cracking up about it).

After duking it out in court, Judge Lester Nixon of Booneville, Indiana forbade the “Soda Poop festival”, as Gareth called it, at the proposed location. In a last ditch effort to save the ~doomed~ festival, Duncan and Alexander secured Bull Island, a swampy, stinky peninsula in the Wabash River belonging to Illinois but only accessible through one single road in Indiana. Sounds PERF!

The result? 250,000 of America’s ~best & brightest~ showed up, leading to never ending traffic for miles, a lack of basic necessities (I’m talkin’ serious hanger mgmt issues, yikes!), and restroom scarcity resulting in everything–and everyone–literally going to sh*t. Not to mention, everyone was stoned out of their minds! Some passionate concert goers even burned down the stage at the end of the event. Oh the irony, nowadays that’s just called Burning Man!

It’s as if Dave and Gareth were destined to joke about this tragicomedy of a Woodstock replica during their live show! We all lost our minds in the chatroom as our fabulous hosts used hilarious voices and impressions of Midwestern hippies while getting us hooked with crazy photos, newspaper headlines, and actual footage from the event. 

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