July 1, 2021

Snooki & Joey’s Exclusive Pride Month Party LIVE on Looped

The dynamic duo partied hard with Crusaders on stage in a customized Pride-themed venue
Abby Rodgers
June 18, 2021 event | 3 min read

Your Queens of chaos, Snooki and Joey, partied hard with us crusaders during *THE* Pride celebration of the year on June 18! This live episode of IT’S HAPPENING was filled with plenty of alcohol, rainbows, wigs, and dildos galore, and the virtual venue was totally revamped and customized for this exclusive Pride party. 

Picture this: it was like Snooki and Joey’s private Pride gala with themed co-viewing suites, funky rainbow effects, a trivia contest, a social wall, and even a donation page where fans could donate to a local nonprofit benefiting the LGBTQIA community called Edge New Jersey

Snooki and Joey took a trip down memory lane back to Joey’s drag days as Vicki Lake with plenty of photo evidence to keep us in the loop. But to kick things up a notch, they welcomed the legendary Jiggly Caliente to the stage to discuss the importance of acceptance, inclusivity, and LGBTQIA representation in the drag community. 

Jiggly, a proud Filipino Trans woman, is all about hyperfemininity and glamour to the max when it comes to her personal style with the artform of drag. You might know her as Veronica from FX’s POSE, or maybe from her time on Ru Paul’s Drag Race and a few cameos in Broad City, but one thing’s for sure: she’s nothing short of fab👏🏼u👏🏼lous👏🏼!

Seeing how much fun these icons had on stage got us all thinking: COULD I COME IN?? Lots of hot mawmas joined the stage to participate in a live, timed competitive game with a killer prize on the line: a backstage pass to meet Snooki and Joey! Winners enjoyed a personal convo with the besties, and who knows, maybe next time you will too 👀 🤔! Do yourself a favor and snag a front row seat to their next live show on July 29 HERE!

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