July 12, 2021

Savas On The Go: An Original LoopCast with Mike Savas

Lifestyle entrepreneur and adventurer travel guru, Mike Savas, shares travel stories from his series Month In The Making
Abby Rodgers
June 18, 2021 event | 4 min read

As we embark on #VaxxedGirlSummer, we got ~inspired~ to live life to the fullest by hanging out with lifestyle entrepreneur and adventurer travel guru, Mike Savas, for his very first interactive LoopCast on June 29! Savas connected with fans like never before during this legendary show-and-tell where he offered travel tips, expert advice, and epic stories from his series Month In The Making, where he learns 12 new skills in 12 months in 12 different countries.

Savas shared some of his craziest stories with us from his “mid-life awakening” of traveling around the globe (and here I was thinking that my trip to a new coffee shop was adventurous… I was sadly mistaken). We got to submit our wildest travel stories and biggest travel dreams through a fan-wide poll, and we also played along with some Month In The Making themed trivia.

The stakes were at an all time HIGH for fan participation through trivia and polling, as a grand prize of 50,000 American Airlines flight miles was on the line! Shoutout to Patty, a fellow Savas fan, for winning the big bucks - I’ll hide in your carry-on bag!!!

Shout out to his fab videographer, Diego, for documenting insane footage and pics from Savas’ adventures, all while balancing a full course load as a student. You’re the man, D! Savas also welcomed Tommy, a surfing master in Costa Rica, and David, a freediving master in the Bahamas, to the stage to teach us more about some of the *ah-mazing* skills Savas learned during his time abroad. You learn something new every day, right?

Savas used his travel bug for good not only to immerse himself in different cultures, but also to raise money for the communities he visited. Proceeds from his LoopCast benefitted Breef, a non-profit that focuses on turtle protection and conservation efforts in the Bahamas. We can’t wait to hear about his cooking experiences in Tuscany, Italy next, and who knows what life-lessons we’ll learn next time!

ICYMI, here's a taste of Savas' original LoopCast debut:

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