August 11, 2021

Russell Wilson Passing Academy Celebrates 10th Anniversary Live on Looped

The iconic quarterback hosted an interactive football workshop to connect with superfans and share his expertise
Abby Rodgers

Seattle Seahawks superstar, Russell Wilson, hosted his 10th annual Passing Academy live on Looped to connect with football lovers from around the globe like never before! The interactive workshop on July 17 invited Football fans (and half-time snacks fans… we won’t judge) to put our skills to the test by practicing alongside the QB superstar and his coach, Jake Heaps. This hands-on family affair was chock-full of drills, trivia, tips and tricks that has us lookin’ like pros in no time.

We had an all access pass to learn from Jake Heaps through exclusive quarterback drills to help us sharpen our ball security, catching, and power stance skills. Pro tip: your core is your #1 power source as a QB, and you do NOT want all your fingers across the laces of the football (news to me, maybe that explains why I’m so bad at throwing? Juuuuust maybe). Who knew I could learn so much from Jake and Russell by holding a football in my living room?!

The duo even took us through the ~mind~ of Russell Wilson to learn more about how he evaluates plays, looks at defenses, and makes touchdowns on Sundays by watching some killer replays of epic game day moments. We also went head to head to compete in a football trivia game for a chance to win a prize, and Russell answered our biggest questions live from the chatroom on how to become an expert just like him.

But wait, there’s more! RWPA 2021 made dreams come true after the workshop too as some lucky fans even got to meet the legendary QB backstage! One fan asked “how do you always keep a winning mindset?” and he said “your mindset is everything! Your thoughts, daily habits, your language. Our language is key to winning habits and having a winning mindset.” So affirmations really are a thing, huh?!

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