March 11, 2022

Season Premiere of Reading Rainbow Live!

The Beloved Children's Educational Series Returns
Zadie Adams
March 6 2022 event | 5 min read

Reading Rainbow, the groundbreaking educational show of the 80’s, returned with massive enthusiasm from young minds ready to learn!

The “Reading Rainbow Live” season premiere featured talented kids coming on stage to sing, dance, and read with The Rainbows, meeting some incredible young inventors and authors, plus special guests! Needless to say, this was an inspirational day of effortless learning.

The theme was Kid Inventors, which I personally loved. The engaging Rainbows performed a skit about kid inventors, and it was not only hilarious but also drove home a message of believing in yourself to make a change, no matter what age you are.

We actually got a chance to meet a kid inventor and author, Sammie Vance! Sammie shared her inspiration behind her “Buddy Benches” made from 100% recycled material and her book, “Inspire the World: A Kids Journey to Making A Difference,” and even told us about her podcast titled, Sammie Smiles! Sammie shared some powerful insights on using life's obstacles to create something beautiful, and she is living proof of the great things that can come from it!

Special guest and CBS news correspondent Vladimir Duthiers came on stage and spoke to the kids about some books he really enjoys like, “Just Like Rube Goldberg: The Incredible True Story of the Man Behind the Machines”

Katey Howes, the author of Be A Maker, joined the show to give her inspiration behind her book and interacted with the kids as well!

One of my favorite parts was when Maya Rainbow read a fascinating book called, “‘Look Grandma! Ni Elisi,” along with brave young ones who joined the stage to help her read. This was such an adorable part of the show because Maya did an incredible job of keeping the kids engaged. Her tactics really gave me some pointers on how I can keep my own children captivated during story time one day.  

If you missed the fun, not to worry, this educational show is available On Demand until April 6, 2022!

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