December 14, 2021

Looped Partners with Creator Economy Platform Koji

Looped launches Koji Link in Bio App to enhance Creators’ engagement with fans
Zadie Adams
2 min read

Looped Partners with

Creator Economy Platform Koji

Koji’s takes the Link in Bio to the next level by offering new and unique ways for creators to engage with their supporters and monetize.

The new app is backed by the great synergy between Koji and Looped, both focused on building intimate fan connections in the virtual entertainment space. Creators can now effortlessly set up their own Looped virtual venue to host their live and interactive events, all while displaying those events directly in their Link in Bio!

My personal favorite part of this initiative is that it increases opportunities for diverse creators by allowing them to promote their events with a focused location for discovery!

We are super excited to create new relationships with creators in our new Koji partnership!

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