May 21, 2022

JUDGE ME with Spencer Pratt

Looped hosted our first LIVE original program! Judge Me, A 10 episode series hosted by Spencer Pratt!
Zadie Adams
February 17 - May 12 | 5 min read

Looped just wrapped season 1 of our first LIVE original program, JUDGE ME, hosted by reality TV personality Spencer Pratt (The Hills), and we had an absolute blast! This 10-episode series gave viewers a unique opportunity to hear firsthand from guests about their online disputes and juicy dramas, interact in the Q&A with Spencer, and ultimately empower the audience to vote in order to determine if featured guests were vindicated or incriminated.

Fans were invited to submit their unfiltered stories to be featured on each episode. Selected participants would then join Spencer on the virtual stage to give their side of the story. Regardless of the outcome, Spencer awarded each participant a Pratt Daddy crystal, recommended to them based on their needs and situation.

My favorite part about this series is how it welcomed viewers to join the stage to double down on a guest's testimony. Plus we all waited in pureeee agonyyyy to hear the final results as to whether or not the guest was “incriminated” or “vindicated.”

One guest was literally cat-fished by her very own best friend 🤯! And his defense… was that she had pursued a guy he liked! He took his revenge to new heights when his acting skills (as her lover) granted him steamy photos, which he ultimately exchanged for…Chipotle burritos. I’d honestly like an update on where that friendship currently stands.

Pretty sure you can guess that her “bestie” was incriminated by the viewers.

Spencer’s wife and TV personality, singer, and actress, Heidi Montag (The Hills), also appeared alongside Spencer on episode 5 to co-host the show!  

From guests being catfished by their very own best friend, to one guy accidentally urinating on his girlfriend's mother in his drunken sleepwalking state, this series was filled with the heatttt. Maybe I get too much satisfaction from random schenanigans, but I’m personally sad to see this season come to an end.

Despite the drama, Spencer always made sure to keep things fun and positive. I also loved learning about the protection and healing properties of Spencer's crystals because it added an educational aspect to the show.

I for sure can’t wait to see what Spencer does in the near future! Want to know more about upcoming events on Looped? Join our email list HERE to stay in the loop!

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