June 10, 2021

IT’S HAPPENING with Snooki & Joey

The Jersey Shore’s Snooki hosted her podcast live on camera for the first time on Looped
Abby Rodgers
March 12, 2021 event | 3 min read

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi from The Jersey Shore and her gay best friend and makeup artist, Joey Camasta, hosted their podcast IT’S HAPPENING live for the first time on Looped to chit chat, play games, and get wasted on stage with their fans in real time. The iconic duo boarded the hot mess express for a long night ahead with plenty of Coppola wine by their side, and they kicked off the night with a game of guess the vocabulary, where they included a glossary on screen to decode their hilarious lingo for fans. They explained the backstory of some of their favorite catch phrases and words they’ve made up together during their friendship, which they continued to use in conversation throughout the show.

One of the most notable inside-joke catch phrases of theirs is “Could I come in?” They showed a goofy reenactment of the joke’s origin, where they were having fun, drinking, and joking around on a hotel balcony in LA, when a weirdo walked by and creepily asked “Could I come in?” Snooki and Joey have since shortened the phrase to “Could I?” as a slogan frequently used on their podcast and merch.

Fans flooded the hashtag #ItsHappeningOnLooped with photos of their watch party set up on social media for a chance to be featured live on screen by Snooki & Joey during the podcast episode.

The conversation took a more serious turn for a moment, where Joey drunkenly confessed his deep love and appreciation for his best friend, Nicole. “I could not have a more supportive and fucking cheerleader best friend that would go to bat for you,” said Joey. “Nicole has given me so much, she has given me every opportunity.”

Snooki and Joey also played a game of Truth or Dare with fans writing into the chatroom, with highlights including a FaceTime with Vinny Guadagnino, Joey treating Nicole’s basement bar as a strip club stage, and a whole lot of vodka chugging. The dynamic duo also played a round of “Fashion Cops”, where they went through old red carpet photos to analyze some of their most cringe-worthy fashion moments.

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