January 14, 2022

Greg Chan: The First Steps to Modeling

Senior Model Manager Greg Chan Gives Valuable Tips to Aspiring Models
Zadie Adams
December 1, 2021 event | 3 min read

Greg Chan, who has 25 years of experience working with big name talent and model agencies, partnered with Looped to provide insightful first steps to becoming a model!

Greg's goal for the night was to give tips on decreasing rejection by shining light on the formulas in the industry. “Modeling is very precise if you really do your research. Many agencies won't admit that they are limited in their training and vision. They are looking for particular faces, shapes, and sizes depending on what area you are looking in.”

“When you understand what is going on behind the scenes it can help you better navigate, not take things personally and most importantly figure out where you fit in.”

Aspiring talent listened in as Greg spoke on misconceptions, “I started this work because I know how exclusive this industry is. I want kids to maximize their chances of success and help them avoid modeling scams.”

One perspective that I thought was really insightful was the difference between a high fashion and a commercial model. “High fashion models tend to be extremely skinny, alien looking, they do not work out, they are awkward and they are usually someone who would not immediately catch your attention on the street. Whereas commercial models are more classically good looking with big personalities.”

Greg also shared some resources that he is currently working on. His online series, “I Want To Be A Model Where Do I Start” gives resources on legit ways to get started, scouted, and signed. Another series, “So You Want To Be An Instagram Model” teaches youth how to write and portray their narrative. He is also working on a new project coming out in 2022 called, “How to Win At A Model Convention” which speaks to the amount of money that people spend when they are not fully prepared and how to avoid those mistakes.

Those who were tuned in got the chance to sign up for a 1-on-1 meeting with Greg to maximize their chances of success by assessing where he thinks they belong!

You can also sign up for his mailing list at Askamodelagent.com, or email him directly at greg@askamodelagent.com.

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