June 16, 2022

Everland Presents: The Concert for Climate

Everland hosted a Concert for Climate for the United Nations Environment Programmes World Environment Day
Zadie Adams
June 4 2022 event | 5 min read

As part of the United Nations Environment Programmes World Environment Day, Everland hosted a Concert for Climate. Everland is an organization dedicated to helping governments, landowners, and forest communities prosper by protecting the forests and wildlife.

This event was emotional because of the reality of climate change, specifically deforestation, and the impact it has on our communities, especially marginalized ones. Throughout the concert, the environmental hardship experienced by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, and Beijing were recognized.

At the same time though, this event was very inspiring, motivating, and exciting to see the improvements that have already been made. It was also great to see so many passionate people coming together in community to expand and enhance those efforts. The emcee and host, Kodjo Aklor, also did a great job of keeping things positive and reminding everyone the impact of their presence for this event.

Environmental Activist, Julia Butterfly Hill, known for living in a 1,500 year old California redwood tree for two whole years, started the night out by sharing her story which shows the change that just one person can make.

An incredible vocalist, Gennady Tkachenko Papizh, showed his immense talent of imitating the sounds of animals and nature. Viewers in the global chat room expressed the spirituality of his performance and I felt the exact same way.

A beautiful video was shown of the 200 voice Solid Gospel choir led by the late musician Edwin Hawkins who was known for spreading love and making noise about the importance of preserving our climate. Soon, members of the choir came on live to sing powerful gospel songs, one of which was the famous “Oh Happy Day,” by Edwin Hawkins that most know and love.

Several impactful organizations were rightfully recognized including the Wildlife Conservation Society Wildlife Alliance, and Wildlife Works, and White Feather Foundation, for their work in fighting to save our planet and for their focus on indigenous communities.

I definitely fanned out when Julian Lennon came on the stage! I was literally just rewatching his informative Netflix documentary Kiss the Ground last week that teaches the depths of regenerative agriculture. This philanthropist, singer, songwriter, and photographer, has made such an impact with not only his recent documentary but also his 2006 environmental documentary film WhaleDreamers. As a plant based vegan of four years, I was super excited to see him at the concert and fans in the global chat room were right along with me.

He performed his new song “Change” for the first time, which Everland commissioned him to create as the theme song for its short documentary film series about the forest conservation projects it represents in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

The band camp, All Ways, started their performance with the gong instrument, which sent my body into a meditative state. Dara Hart’s voice as she sang Timelessness really forced me to be in the present moment which is something that many of us don’t do often enough. John Toseson on the guitar, gong, and crystal singing bowl supported her vocals marvelously.

The concert ended with a bang as Julian Marley and the Uprising came to the stage to dance and sing in celebration of the shared community from all over the world.

I’m personally super proud that Everland trusted Looped with such an important event for change.

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