December 14, 2021

BRAINSTORM with Dr. Raven the Science Maven

A LIVE Interactive STEM Game Show For All Ages
Zadie Adams
October 21 2021 Event | 5 min read

Internationally acclaimed Educator and Molecular Scientist, Dr. Raven the Science Maven, hosted a competition with some of S.T.E.Ms finest LIVE on Looped! This was such a STEMulating evening filled with friendly rivalry, laughs and education!

Dr. Raven welcomed some incredible young contestants on to the stage. Each of these players are in the field working toward making our world a better place. The two contesting teams called themselves, “The Powerhouse of the Cell” (maybe join us in the next competition if you're ~out the Loop~ on their name) and “Equity Eagles”!  

These brainstormers were given only 15 seconds to answer questions from all areas of science before Dr. Raven appeared back on stage to tally up the score and present the next challenge on screen! Super intense! In the end team Powerhouse of the Cell took the game by a very close call!

From questions about the smell of the moon, velocity, diffusion, and climate change, to Dr. Raven showing us a science experiment LIVE, I am willing to bet good money that everyone *especially myself* left this event smarter than when they entered!

Best of all, the proceeds went to some fantastic initiatives including a STEM organization making a point to promote inclusion, and Black Girls Clode, an organization working to address lack of diversity in coding education as well as the algorithms created!

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