March 1, 2022

A Night In With Adore Delano

RuPaul’s Drag Race star, Adore Delano, performs from San Francisco's Oasis!
Zadie Adams
February 25 event | 3 min read

RuPaul’s Drag Race star and now successful American drag queen, singer-songwriter, and television personality, Adore Delano, appeared with backstage footage of her preparing to take the stage at the historic cabaret site, San Francisco’s Oasis!

Adore granted us with a refreshing and intimate introduction where she shared her experience when she lived in Seattle, and how the LGBTQIA+ scene compares to LA. I personally loved her transparency, so often TV personalities only share the glam but Adore's vulnerability gave some great insights about navigating new spaces that I imagine many people needed to hear.  

She also gave us important gems on a healthy way to perceive the pandemic given the hardship, “This was really a time to reflect on your life and reevaluate how you spend your time. You can’t run from things that come up, you have to acknowledge your habits.”

Once Adore stepped to the stage she completely SERVED and was accompanied by her talented producer, Nate. She started out with “I Adore You” which was a vibeeeee. I love that she started with this song because it showed her versatility; this song gives pop but also has that alternative rock sound and I was here for it.

I loved how Adore interacted with the audience. In between songs she would give us details about the inspiration behind each song and I have to say she was serving stand up comedy vibes with her funny and coherent story telling.

Adore gave us the pleasure of nine songs, compiled of her own original music and a few covers. Fans in the Global Chat Room were loving every second of it and wanted more of her voice, I was in total agreement with them! Some lucky listeners got to mingle with Adore in their private co-viewing suites and she even hosted some 1-on-1 meet and greets on the Looped App after the show!

I really enjoyed Adore showing  us her RANGEEE and I can't wait to see what's in store for her! Check out the rollout from the event below.

~Roll Out~

  1. I Adore You
  2. Hello I Love You
  3. I Can’t Love You  
  4. I put a spell on you
  5. Toxic By Brittany Spears
  6. Creep By Radio Heads
  7. Pretty Boys Cry
  8. Practical Magic
  9. Three Flowers

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