December 10, 2021

A Halloween House Party with Snooki and Joey!

It Happened YET AGAIN with Snooki and Joey! Except this time it was super spoooookyyy!
Zadie Adams
October 22, 2021 event | 3 min read

So BOOM we zapp into this virtual halloween party and it's Snooki’s decked out patio with a bunch of fake blood, costumes, and of course booze! Not just any booze though, Snooki brought out her very own Messy Mama Wine and it had our favorite duo super ~intoxicated~ but they weren't drinking alone! Lots of hot mawmas joined the stage to sip, tell spoooky ghost stories, and crack jokes as Joey flirted with their boyfriends 💀

Snooki went all out on her classic costume of...herself in the early 2010s wearing the exact pair of glasses she had on when she crashed into a cop car in Italy 😂 we expected nothing less than a feature of this belligerent historical artifact. I’m not even going to explain Joey’s costume because you honestly had to be there to fully understand the debauchery!

Instantaneously we were brought footage of Joey in his Kitchen, where he gave us a creepy crescent mummy wiener and mozzarella eyeball appetizer recipe 🌭 to chef up for our Halloween guests!

In a reckless TMI *too much info* segment of the show, Snooki and Joey brought up a bunch of die hard fans to get their opinion on some serious scandals and mannn they couldn't get enough of this bewildering content. I mean what is Halloween without simulated fear?!

We even let some fans take the limelight in a costume competition, Snooki edition! Between a little girl whos’ mom clearly dressed her as Snooki unbeknownst to her, and a grown man dressed as a Rush Poppers bottle *HA* the oh-so-serious judges (Snooki and Joey) debated and picked a winner. BUT the hot mawma fans had the final word and forced them to make it a tie!

From interactive conversations about real life sinister crimes, to Joey's fake blood rimmed cocktail concoction and watching him eat a live octopus, I was not looking forward to closing my laptop to leave this party! On the bright side these die hards gave me costume ideas for the next like ten years LOL

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